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Our Main Entrance

Our main entrance is situated on Cherry Grove Road. In this space we have our school office, waiting area and rooms currently used by Children's Centre services and our before and after school care providers 'Badgers'.

Foundation Stage Classroom

Our Foundation Stage classrooms are set-up to make maximum use of the large space they have available. Both of our reception classes work closely together and play in the area is free flow. Nursery children, once settled in also benefit from free flowing in to the whole space allowing them plenty of room to play, create and learn.

The classrooms have easy access to their outdoor area to make the most on the continual outdoor provision offered in foundation.

Foundation Stage Play Space

Our Foundation Stage Team have done lots of work over the last couple of years to  develop their play spaces into a stimulating and engaging space for the children to play and learn.

Key Stage 1 Classrooms

Our Year 1/2 classrooms are all locatted on the ground floor. They have easy access to shared play space and outdoor provision.

Key Stage 1 Free Play Area

Our Key Stage 1 free play area is situated just outside our Year 1/2 classes and is a shared space where the children can read, play and create. The area leads out to an enclosed outdoor area where the children can extend their learning and play even further.

Year 3/4 Classrooms

Our year 3/4 classrooms are located upstairs in the main building. The classes are all in close proximity making moving between classes quick and easy for them.

They have access to a shared area where small groups activities and ICT work often take place.

Year 5/6 Classrooms

We currently have three Year 5/6 classes. Two are located on the ground floor of the main building and one on the upper floor.

All three have access to ICT areas and extended workspace to spread out from the classroom.

Key Stage 2 Shared Areas

Our shared spaces on both floors of the main building are used by all of our Key Stage 2 children. They are used for a variety of activities.

Our Field Space

We have a fantastic field space at Cherry Grove which the children really enjoy using for playtimes, PE and exploring the natural environment. We continue to develop the space to make it more interesting and engaging for the children.

Main Playground

Our main playground is used by all the children at break times and for PE. We are in the process of making improvements to our playground. We have some play equipment and some lovely seating areas for children who want a more relaxed break. Benches are used at lunch times for children to eat their lunches when the weather allows. 

Dining Areas

Our main hall and small downstairs hall are used as dinning rooms over the lunch period. Our younger Foundation Stage children use the smaller hall for their lunch. This offers them a chance to settle in to the lunch time routine without be too overwhelmed by lots of older children. Our Key Stage 1 & 2 children use our main hall.

Classes are called into the hall on rota so they get both time to eat and time to play over lunch time without it being too busy in the hall.

General Spaces

Our art co-ordinator works hard to ensure all our general spaces are interesting and colourful.


Our passion for nurturing individuality and respect for the rights of everyone enables members of our community to achieve their potential and be outstanding local and global citizens.


We are proud to hold the UNICEF GOLD Right respecting school award for 2020.

Cherry Grove Primary School

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