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At Cherry Grove Primary School we all love using ICT and the Internet to teach, to learn and to have fun, and we take online safety very seriously. Our staff and children are knowledgeable about the dangers associated with using the internet and are well trained about how stay safe on line.We work with our local school police liason officer to deliver a variety of sessions related to e-safety.

E-Safety is explicitly taught in PSHE and ICT throughout both Key Stages using differentiated and engaging sequences of lessons designed by Childnet and Think U Know. This year we will be involved with Safer Internet Day in February 2016 and take part in lots of fun activities that further remind us of the importance of staying safe while enjoying the Internet responsibly.


To make a report Concerned about online grooming or inappropriate behaviour online?

Contact CEOP: www.ceop.police.uk

If you stumble across criminal, inappropriate or obscene content on the internet you should report it to the Internet Watch Foundation: www.iwf.org.uk

Childnet International

Childnet offers great resources and advice for children, parents and teachers about being e-safe.

E-safety information for children

We’re doing our best to make sure that children are safe when they are online at school. This interactive guide from Childnet identifies some of the dangers and how to avoid them.

E-safety information for Parents

The links to documents and tutorials below are intended to inform parents about some practical steps they can take to help their children stay safe on-line.

NCI Technologies E-Safety Portal

Facebook Family Safety Centre

Parent’s Guide to Facebook (PDF)

Using Facebook Safely (PDF)

Set up Facebook privacy controls (PDF)

Set up YouTube safety mode (PDF) 

UKCISS - A practical guide for parents and carers whose children are using social media

Parental Controls

As both parents and teachers we think it is important to know about how we can restrict access to certain content and websites for childrens' tablet devices or phones. The following links help to highlight some of the basic restrictions we can put in place. 

Parental controls on iPad

Parental controls for Kindle Fire

10 Best Android Parental Control Apps

How to set up parental control on Android: restrict Android app permissions

Activating Parental Controls on Your Tablet PC


Online Gaming (PC, Wii, Xbox, PS etc.)

Online gaming can often be a threat overlooked by parents but everytime your child enters an online game, they are interacting with, talking to and potentially sharing information with people of all ages from all over the world. The informal and 'off guard' nature of online gaming can often put children in a position where they feel at ease with strangers and will give out personal information without thinking. Studies show that children can disconnect from the threat associated with online gaming as they don't see the connection to the real world. They simply see the voice on the other end of the headset as part of the gaming world. The website below offers some guidance on safety when online gaming.

Advice for parents about online gaming

Key Questions:

Is my child's Computer/Console somewhere where I can monitor online activity?

Does my child use a headset? If so, are the setting such that I can hear the conversation?

Do you/your child know all of their online gaming friends personally?

Are all of their online contacts of an appropriate age?

Does your PC/Console have a camera attached for video chat? If so, how do you monitor its use?

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We are proud to hold the UNICEF GOLD Right respecting school award for 2020.

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