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At Cherry Grove Primary School we all love using ICT and the Internet to teach, to learn and to have fun, and we take online safety very seriously. Our staff and children are knowledgeable about the dangers associated with using the internet and are well trained about how stay safe on line.We work with our local school police liason officer to deliver a variety of sessions related to e-safety.

E-Safety is explicitly taught in PSHE and ICT throughout both Key Stages using differentiated and engaging sequences of lessons. If you have any questions or concerns about e-Safety please contact us.

E-Safety Information for Children and Parents:

There is a wealth of up-to-date information at the 'Thinkuknow' website below:

Click here for the Think u Know website


Key Questions

Is my child's Computer/Console somewhere where I can monitor online activity?

Does my child use a headset? If so, are the setting such that I can hear the conversation?

Do you/your child know all of their online gaming friends personally?

Are all of their online contacts of an appropriate age?

Does your PC/Console have a camera attached for video chat? If so, how do you monitor its use?