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Our Staff

In addition to the teaching and inclusion team listed in the table below, we have a fantastic support team of class and SEN teaching assistants, midday supervisors, office staff and site staff. Everyone who works here makes our fabulous team!
Headteacher Mrs Beth Hacking
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Roz Artist
Early Years Leader and Teacher Mrs Hayley Stark
Nursery Manager Ms Eleanor Wilson
Reception Teacher Mr Bart Landen
Keystage 1 Lead and Year 1/2 Teacher Mrs Roz Artist
Year 1/2 Teacher Mrs Victoria Story
Year 1/2 Teacher Mrs Aimee Woodley
Year 1/2 Teacher Ms Amanda Fox
Lower Keystage 2 Lead and Year 3/4 Teacher Mr Tommy Spencer
Year 3/4 Teacher Mrs Emma Evans
Year 3/4 Teacher Mrs Cara Cowpar
Year 3/4 Teacher Miss Gabriella Risi
Upper Keystage 2 Lead and Year 5/6 Teacher Mrs Anne Bailey
Year 5/6 Teacher Mr Doug Moore
Year 5/6 Teacher Miss Hannah Mobbs
Inclusion Lead and SENCO Mrs Elizabeth Broadbent
Pastoral Lead Ms Jen Hughes
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs Sally Campbell