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Religious Education


Our Religious Education curriculum invites pupils to explore and respond to thought provoking questions raised by religion and world views, such as the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs, God, right and wrong and ultimately what it means to be human. Our RE curriculum encourages pupils to become resilient, mindful and inquisitive learners who are accepting of the different religions within the world that we live. Pupils are given opportunities to understand and reflect on their own beliefs and values and make connections with those of others.


Our Theologians

Knowledge: Religious Education at Cherry Grove equips pupils with a systematic knowledge and understanding of a range of religions.

Skills: Our pupils will respond to and challenge responses. This enables children to develop their own ideas, values and identities and provide them with a sense of belonging.

Experiences: Children will carry out fieldwork where they get to experience first hand different environments linking to the topics they are learning about, such as places of worship and festivals such as Diwali. 

Curriculum Planning

Careful curriculum planning ensures that our pupils build on existing knowledge and skills over the course of their Cherry Grove learning journey. This leads to better understanding, knowledge retention and engagement.