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Long Term Plans

Our curriculum is planned in a way that builds on our 4 core values: Community, Aspiration, Respect, Experiences. We have chosen 6 big ideas which drive the curriculum, are important and relevant to our community, and allow the children to explore concepts further in depth: Belief, Belonging, Sustainability, Resilience, Change, Consequence.  From this we have posed a 'Big Question' which enables children to explore these concepts further and allows for wider exploration of the curriculum, make connections and encourages retrieval and reflection.


These plans outline the topics and texts covered in each subject across each phase. As working documents, they are subject to change at short notice.


Year 1/2 Cycle A

Year 1/2 Cycle B

Year 3/4 Cycle A

Year 3/4 Cycle B

Year 5/6 Cycle A

Year 5/6 Cycle B