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The geography curriculum engages and inspires children through creative teaching methods and practical experiences involving a variety of  environments and different skills. Throughout their learning journey, our pupils are able to develop a broader understanding of their environment and the wider world.

Our Geographers

Knowledge: As geographers at Cherry Grove, our pupils will develop an excellent understanding of the wider world and will be able to compare the human and physical characteristics of different places and describe land use in a variety of areas.

Skills: Children will acquire geographical skills such as mapping, observing, recording, measuring, compass use, map use and grid referencing.

Experiences: The children are able to use these skills whilst carrying out Fieldwork where they get to experience first hand different environments linking to the topics they are learning about.  

Curriculum Planning

Careful curriculum planning ensures that our pupils build on existing knowledge and skills over the course of their Cherry Grove learning journey. This leads to better understanding, knowledge retention and engagement.