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Behaviour and School Rules

You can find our full policy on managing behaviour here.

Our approach to behaviour begins with our ethos of 'We care...' and everything is rooted in mutual respect and solid relationships. Our behaviour policy is based on restorative practice and research.

We are also a partner school with the DfE Behaviour Hubs programme.


Our school rules are:





Children are taught these rules from the Early Years and praised for success. These rules link to our Rights-Respecting class charters and ensure the rights of the children to learn, play, listen and succeed are in place.

Where things go wrong, adults are trained to have respectful conversations with a child that maintain respect and self-esteem, which may require a consequence (e.g. miss some of playtime). Following a breach of our behaviour policy, adults have a restorative conversation with a child that allows for reflection and a positive path forwards. Parents are kept informed on any occasion where a consequence has been required.

Please also see our Behaviour Guide for families:


Trauma-Informed School

We subscribe to the Cheshire West and Chester programme of 'Our Way of Working', which means we take a trauma-informed approach to how we relate to children and families. At its core, this means open, honest relationships and discussions, seeing everyone as an individual and listening and responding to the needs that are presented to us.

Pastoral and mental health support is paramount, and we have a full-time Pastoral Manager and additional Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. You can read more about 'Our Way of Working' here. In addition, we have utilised DfE grant funding to fully train two members of senior staff to be Senior Mental Health Leads who offer support to pupils, staff and where relevant, families.

You can read more about the Trauma Informed Continuum below: